Monday, June 30, 2008

Finally HOME!!!

It's Monday and we have now been in our own home for almost 24 hours.  Just to update you on things.  Sunday night about 3 the nurse came in and said that Ally was probably not going to be able to go home.  She had lost almost a pound and they were doing some blood work for jaundice.  Well, at 3 in the morning when we were actually asleep and kind of resting that comes as a major blow of disappointment.  She gave us some supplement to feed Ally that should help.  Ally ate it up but we didnt know how much to give her and how often to feed her.  We ended up giving her too much of this crap throughout the morning and it was extremely frustrating.  Then the doctors came in and both said that she was totally fine and that the weight loss was well within the parameters that is acceptable.  She's stinking 9 pounds 10 oz to lose a pound is not much!!  When we got ready to leave the crap that the nurse gave us had given Ally an incredible upset stomach and so she spit up several times and each one coinciding with putting her in her carrier.  We made it home and it proved to be a long day of sleeping for Ally and not eating till late but because she hadnt eaten all day she wanted to eat all night which made it a long night for her parents.  We are doing well and she grows more beautiful by the day.  I have to admit leaving for work this morning was incredibly difficult.  I really didnt want to go.

I am outie 5000,



Ambur said...

I'm glad you guys are getting the kinks worked out. I would love it if you posted pics of Ally w/ each blog. :)

Allen & Jessica Willis said...

I enjoy reading your posts! I agree with Ambur. . . more pictures would be wonderful!!