Thursday, June 26, 2008

And Introducing...ALLY!!!!

She's HERE!!!  Finally after a long long day we finally have our daughter.  Now that she is here and I feel a little easier sharing some of the details.  We arrived at  7 this morning and started the pitocin and had the doctor check the progress since Monday.  There wasnt any.  So we began to wait and the nurse came in every now and then and would turn up the med. and fairly soon we were at the max limit that she could take.  The contractions were coming 2-3 minutes apart but they were minor and some Amy never even felt.  At 1 the doctor came back into do his check to see how things were progressing.  There wasnt any progress.  So we began the discussion of whether to do a c-section or stop the treatment and wait till next week.  After much prayer and discussion and questions being asked of our wonderful nurse we decided that if God did not want us to have a c-section that He needed to raise some big red flags instead all we got were green.  So at 4 when the doctor came back in we had pretty much decided that we were moving ahead toward the c-section.  However, there were some slight complications on the doctor's end as he had some things come up that he wasnt sure if he could do the c-section.  Again after much prayer that he could clear things up he was able to do the procedure.  Now for the rest of the wait.  There were two emergencies that had come in and had taken the 2 O.R. staffs and then after that were two more procedures that had already been bumped so it looked like it was not going to happen till 7 PM.  At 7 we entered the room and began to get ready.  At 7:34 PM Alexandria Rose Gossen entered this world.  Her weight was 9 pounds 10 ounces and she was 23 inches long!!  She didnt want to drop cuz she was a stinkin toddler as a friend so kindly pointed out.  She is absolutely beautiful and as soon as I can tomorrow I will post pictures of her.  I will also post results of the bet.  I think I am going to go stare at my girl.

I am outie 5000,



Jessica said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see pics of Ally! Please let Amy know that I am praying for her to have a quick and easy recovery.
Enjoy your sweet baby girl, mommy and daddy!

Ambur said...

I'm looking forward to having some pictures of my niece to post everywhere!!

Jessica Willis said...

Oh my goodness!! I had a dream that the doctor sent you home and asked you to return to the hospital in a week. I woke, read your blog, and discovered that a similar thing happened!! That freaks me out!!

I can't believe she was over 9lbs!! WoW! All four of my husbands mother's babies were over 9lbs. . . one was almost 11 lbs. I hope size isn't genetic! My pelvis will break! LoL!

I'm SO ExCiTeD for you guys!! I'm absolutely dying to see pics!!! I'm sure she's gorgeous! :)