Monday, July 7, 2008

Ally's First Week Home

I realize that it has been awhile since I last updated but I have been just a tad busy loving on my daughter, adjusting to life with a newborn in the house, getting two very spoiled boxers used to their new charge, and getting back into the swing of things at the church.  Because I know that you are dying to know what is going on in the world with Ally I will fill you in on the past week. 

My parents came in to visit and to spend time with their new granddaughter for a bit and because my mom decided that since my dad was traveling for a good portion of the week that what better place to be than to spend a week with her favorite daughter-in-law and the new love of her life. This proved to be a great blessing as she was able to help Amy and care for Ally.  This proved to be especially important as Tuesday we had to visit the doctor and we found out that her Bilirubin number was much higher than it should have been so we got a special machine that was to help with phototherapy of light on Ally to raise this number.  After several hours of light and keeping track of her temp so that she didnt get overheated.  We kept her on the blanket as much as possible.  We went back in on Thursday only to discover that the number was still too high so we continued with the therapy.

On the Fourth of July we went back to get another blood test to check her numbers but because it was a holiday we had to visit the lab at the hospital.  This proved to be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  First, the lab tech took forever in getting the paperwork done but once that was done we headed back to get the blood work done.  Now to test the blood the way they do it is to stick the heel and then squeeze blood into a vial.  Now the previous two times we had been at this point the nurses in the office were able to draw blood extremely quickly and then be done.  This time however, the lab tech was HORRIBLE.  There was blood all over her heel they weren't holding Ally right they.  Squeezed the foot wrong and ended up bruising over half the foot while trying to draw blood.  The blood they did get they weren't sure they had enough and then they made us stay through the test to make sure and then once finished they could not tell us the results.  When we got home the doctor had called and asked us to call her back.  She told us that the results were actually higher which she thought was strange but that also the blood was not in the best shape.  While taking the blood they had damaged the cells.  Ally was screeching in pain and her mom was crying her dad was ready to punch both techs in their faces and as much as he hates needles would have gladly have been stuck to take the pain and suffering away from his daughter.  The weekend was a huge success and Uncle Kurt and Aunt Steph came to visit and a great time was had by all.

Lots of pics were taken with Granna and Grandpa and Auntie Ambur.  We will be posting new pics as soon as I can get them onto the computer.  


We went back to the doctor's today and her number was down significantly and so NO MORE BILIRUBIN BLANKET!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

I am outie 5000,



Allen & Jessica Willis said...

Awww! Robb! Thank you for allowing us to glimpse your first week. It sounds like it's been quite trying at times but full of joy! I can't wait to see more pictures of Ally!! I'm sure she's changing everyday! :)

Robz said...

Thanks for the update Robb! I think I probably would have punched someone. Perhaps that's my protective side coming out though.

Ambur said...

I am going through Ally withdraw! Pictures please!!! :)

Allen and Jessica said...

Did you abandon blogspot?? :)

Ambur said...

I agree w/ Allen and Jessica, we want to see and hear about your daughter!