Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all!  Amy and I were sitting around this morning after the gifts had been opened and the cinnamon rolls had been eating and talking about the last 4 Christmas' in our lives and how they were crazy different.  4 Christmas' ago we were both single and Christmas cards were signed individually.  The next year they were signed together as a married couple.  The following year we were together and signed with expecting Ally.  Then this year we signed the three of us.  It is amazing how God continues to bless and move in our lives as we are constantly seeking His face.  It is His direction, guidance, and plan for our lives that we want and to achieve that and to be where we are now is a sweet thing.  All the uncertainties seem so trivial now compared to what God has done in our lives for His glory.

As the day continues and we will, before we know it, take down the tree and decorations and the New Year celebrations will be upon and we will usher in a new year and that comes with it; new promises, joy, sadness, expectations, hope, and whatever else is new.  My prayer as 2008 closes and 2009 opens is that God would continue to receive the glory in our home and that as I continue on this journey with Him and as He continues to stretch, mold, and make me into the man that He desires me to be, I hope I am able to share and hopefully show the light of God's love to one who is searching.

I am outie 5000,


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