Friday, March 19, 2010

Steering Through The ChaosI

I was given an opportunity to read a book titled, "Steering Through Chaos" and to be honest I was unprepared for what I would encounter. Scott Wilson's book was quite possible one of the most challenging I have read in a long time. I was pushed and stretched in ways that I did not realize that I would be but it was good. At first I was curious how, as a youth pastor, this would help me in my position, but as I continued to read I came to understand that this transitional time that he discusses is something that affects me as well. There was a re-occuring theme that I picked up on and felt that I need to add to my life is the importance of a mentor or life coach that will help me both casting and reaching a vision. Definitely a book worth reading and rereading to get as much as you can out of it. Not only is this a great book for pastors and staff but for anyone who experiences chaos and transition in life.

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